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    LatitudeN37 40 01

    LongitudeE20 48 54

    We head southwest from the town of Zakynthos and after a short 19 km trip we approach Lanagas bay, and at its tip, the picturesque village Keri. The village consists of two parts: on the one side we have the mountain settlement, with the old stone-built houses, the beautiful cobblestone square and backstreets, and on the other the seaside part, the famous ancient port of Zakynthos, also known as “Port of Napthes”. The seaside settlement is called Limni Keriou and it is located 5,4 km to the northeast of the mountain village. Here you will discover the most beautiful and picturesque beach in Zakynthos. The lake stretches over an area of 282 km2 and when it dries up during the summer months it becomes fringed with reeds and lush vegetation. Nestled among the aquatic plants of the lake is the “Spring of Herodotus”, known from antiquity, with its waters streaming forth from deep within the earth even to this day. Nearby you will also find the Keri Lighthouse (2 km southwest from Keri) dominating the scenery, standing imposing on the edge of a steep 300 m cliff, surrounded by jagged rocks and offering wonderful views to the Ionian Sea.


    During your trip, don’t forget to visit the church of Panagia Keriotissa (18th century) - with the wonderful baroque wood-carved icon screen (iconostasis) and bishop’s throne (cathedra), and the beautiful belfry - take a boat trip to the verdant Marathonisi with the sandy beach and the crystal clear waters (a marine protected area where the Caretta-Caretta turtles lay their eggs), and visit the local sea caves, the giant white conical rocks called Small and Large Myzithra, the sequestered beach of Marathias and the nearby popular beaches of Agios Sostis, Porto Koukla, Laganas and Kalamaki.